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Friday, May 28, 2010

Hoop Convergence 2010

I'm becoming more adept at camping! And saw such beauty and talent at this conference.

Can't wait to share this in paint.

My 2011 goal: The hooping headstand. I found out that I can do a headstand. Now just have to train to learn the rest. Glad to have met Greg (acro yoga below) ... ten minutes of headstand a day will help to increase energy. I'll  really be going non stop!!

Acro Yoga
A lovely flyer!

Brian and Poki
were inspiring with their isolation hooping and creativity
I really hope they can be part of the Port City Puppet Festival in July 2010

Malcolm taught us to explore hooping in new ways...
to start with little movements, get bigger, repeat and let go... exploration and laughter too!!

Rich giving an isolation workshop. Awesome! 
Movement in the concept of "machines!"

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  1. I enjoyed visiting your website and viewing your artistry. One must find within a quiet repose, to transcend a noisy world, and be receptive to the silence between thoughts where God speaks to you. It was this way for me in my early artwork. But now, in my later years, it’s expressed in Mommy’s Writings. I believe self-awareness then aids our harmony with inspiration, where then we merely let it flow through us. It’s not easy to do this, as you know. But it’s seen in your artwork and its uniquely creative.

    Suzanne McMillen-Fallon, Published Author, would you like a sandwich?