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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Metal Clothing Hangers for Bee-comb

I will be collecting two items for reuse. Metal clothing hangers and beverage aluminum cans will be to refashioned into beehives. This is an experiment in three-dimensional art making for me. Metal artist Michael Van Hout has helped so much in instructing how to bend and cut the wire. I will be bending the wire into five thousand hexagon symbols to create five hives.

The hexagon is a natural pattern for building with economy and strength in the way that the hexagons fit together. These will be fit with aluminum discs for an amorphous flowing and reflecting surface inspired by the disco ball.

The finished collectives or hives will be outdoor sculptures that suspend from tree limbs. Their first appearance will be in July 2010 at Transformus in the mountains of North Carolina.

Bee-free ~ Bee-comb ~

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