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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Durham Art Walk

Spent a sunny Saturday at Urban Durham Realty ( during the spring Durham Art Walk. Exhausted from talking to so many great folk. Always I am reinvigorated with love for the diverse, creative, loving people of this gritty little town. Your greeness inspires me. Got extra grass & rosemary from Whole Foods and orange Gerber Daisies to put in my hair. Hooped in the parking lot sunshine.

In my "contract," my "dressing room" shall contain:
- Italian Roast Coffee
- Demera Sugar
- Fresh cut flowers for my hair
- River Patchouli soap, carrot juice & berries from Wholefoods
- * Music *
- Hoops, Paint, Cans of dog food for yum yum
- a copy of Bill Moyers The Language of Life, a Festival of Poets

The generosity and grand spirit of the women of UDR inspires me.

An unfinished painting "Tightrope" was received well and a few people had that glimmer in their eye for it. It's a big one - 2 2' x 10' panels. Yes, I'm coaxing a Uhaul around town during this heavy work week.

So thrilled to have seen an old friend, Jessica Paige!

Next stop Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival. Then back to Durham for Momart. Artist Michelle Connolly is coming to Momart too to display her work. I adore her circus inspired art. While I reside in flight she in British humor - a real delight!

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  1. I look forward to Art Walk because I know I'll have a chance to see your work.